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Walking Fast With Racing Thoughts? Slow. Down.


    Do you walk fast?

    Chances are, you could have a lot on your mind. Thoughts racing through your mind a million miles an hour as you hurriedly get to your next thing.

    When your mind is racing, your body follows and starts to race as well.

    Here’s a tip for you 👉 Walk SLOW.

    As you’re walking slow try to focus on your surroundings and take in life.

    • Stop to smell the roses.

    • Feel the breeze.

    • Feel the cold or heat.

    • Take deeper note of your surroundings. What can you see?

    • Slow. Right. Down.

    Whatever is on your mind, it can wait. This is your time now. This is not just about walking slow. It is about being in the present, being aware and mindful.

    Next time you’re walking fast, slow down. It could be exactly what you need in life right now.


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