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Want More Time? Turn Off Your Wifi Connection


    Are you feeling lost for time? Want more of it?

    When was the last time you did something that was not restricted by time where you just let go and surrender to the activity, as long as the experience went?

    Our Internet was down over the weekend. The kids feeling shell-shocked were now all of a sudden,“bored”. Even my phone company that I had switched to was down, so no 4G either.

    It’s funny how when one is bored time seems to come to a halt.
    With no Internet connection, we had all the time in the world!

    If you want to have more time, turn off the wifi!

    Now there’s opportunities to think, reflect and find other means to either “cure” your boredom, or live life in a more mentally aware state that is not surrendering to devices and the Internet.

    In the end:

    • The kids survived without the internet

    • We ended up outside more than usual

    • I literally sat and did nothing for some time listening to the sound of birds (Which felt awesome)

    • The dog got some extra loving and attention

    • And, the Internet came back on before we knew it

    Even though I would class myself as a digital minimalist, I didn’t know how much I still relied on being connected. The weekend gave me a great lesson to be more mindful and to simply, live life.


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