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What Makes A Champion?


    I’ve been fortunate to win The Australian Memory Championships four times. However, it took me six long hard years to get there. I kept coming second over and over. I even came last one year, thinking I would win.

    It was extremely frustrating to think that you’ve done all you could, yet be soundly beaten on the day. You start questioning yourself. Questioning your ability. You start building negative narratives and scenarios in your head. You know you’re so close, yet so far.

    If nothing changes, nothing changes. So one year I decided to change my mindset.

    Instead of “competing”, I wanted to “dominate”.

    My thoughts and ideas were now focused fully on domination, rather than how to compete and what that would look like. I wanted all my goals, targets, training and systems to resemble this domination.

    After all, my sporting heroes (Michael Jordan and Matthew Richardson) were athletes that were known for their on-field domination.

    The result?

    I not only ended up winning my first competition, but the next three competitions in a row. I even ended up doubling the score of the second place memory athlete.

    What I learned was having a winning mindset changes the actions you take and how you live your life.

    How will you dominate?


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