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What To Do To Remember Names Better


    Last week in the news President Joe Biden looked like he forgot Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s name.

    These things can happen. However, in a professional setting it does look bad.

    Has this ever happened to you?
    Is this something you’re afraid will happen to you?

    Forgetting names can be a real fear.

    I know, because I’ve been training people for close to 20 years helping them with this specific fear.

    It’s not exactly about forgetting though.

    – It’s the fear of failure
    – The anxiety
    – Loss of power / appearing a weaker person (Not a good thing in politics)
    – A brief moment of helplessness
    – The stress of trying to figure out what to do when the name is forgotten

    If you do suffer from any of these, then by simply learning memory techniques will help you.

    No more stress because you know you have the power to nail and remember every name. That is the real power of these skills.


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