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What To Do When Thing’s Are Just Too Hard


    There are so many times in life where I told myself it was just too hard.

    – Getting to exercise.
    – Doing that extra bit for work.
    – Making an important call.
    – Persisting with a skill like learning a language
    – Taking my guitar playing to the next level.
    – Waking up early.
    – Making breakfast/lunch/dinner

    So I tried to at least do those things.

    And when I went through the pain of successfully doing the activity once, I said to myself “This is what it’s going to take”.

    I will embrace the pain.
    I will embrace the struggle.
    It may or may not get any easier.
    It may really suck.
    But it’s what I have to do.

    Because that’s what it’s going to take

    So now when I ever encounter those moments where things may be too hard, I look back when I was able to go through my past experience successfully and tell myself, “That is what it’s going to take”.

    What is it that you need to mentally push through?


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