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Why Improve Your Memory?


    Most people think memory is all about remembering things. However, if we delve deeper we start to realise and unlock the amazing potential of what our minds can achieve.

    If you can read four-times faster with greater comprehension, and be able to retain that information, how would that make you feel? What would you accomplish?

    If you could remember people’s names effortlessly, what would that do to your confidence? Your relationships? How about be able to learn a language in months? Not years, but months.

    It is all possible and achievable with the correct training and strategies. Unfortunately, we are not taught these skills at school and only know what isn’t effective. We then assume we are no good and think we naturally have a bad memory.

    This is not the case and you can change it very quickly and achieve the results and goals you’re after just by learning memory techniques.

    Memory training will not only give you memory improvement, but will open you to a whole new world of developing oneself to connect with whatever you desire. Memory = connection.

    It is the glue that binds where you want to get to and what you want to achieve with the skills and knowledge you’re after.

    Let’s take a look at just some of the areas that improving your memory can have a positive affect on.

    Reducing stress

    Dealing with stress is always a challenge. Usually something is stressful when you have a feeling deep inside making you uncomfortable.

    This feeling is a story you narrate to yourself, usually in a negative way. E.g. How am I ever going to be able to pay the mortgage, I am so not looking forward to that meeting with my manager, or you may have even lost your job.

    Every scenario in your head is this well crafted story that can eat away at you and make you stress even more.

    Fortunately, memory training utilises visualisation methods to strengthen the stories you create to make them memorable.

    Why is this any good?

    Because you can use the negative story of worry and flip it around to something positive, and make that narrative stand out (While the negative story is crushed).

    Earning a higher income

    Memory training helps you earn more. That’s right I said it. If you had the tools to craft your ideal self, then memory training provides those for you.

    Learning memory techniques isn’t the goal, it’s what comes from knowing it and more importantly, how you use it.

    Memory training makes you more valuable. I’ve proven it not only to myself, but with the clients I’ve worked with for so many years. It does this by giving you skills not many people in this world have.

    In fact, people are still skeptical about memory, so there’s one huge advantage for you. In a highly competitive world, memory training allows you to break away and re-create yourself to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

    Time management (creating effective workflows/mindset hacks)

    One of the biggest memory training benefits for me was the ability to do things efficiently and save time. Memory training provides the mental hacks needed that creates faster and better outcomes.

    Just think how long it would take to remember a full speech, and then think about remembering it from scratch in less than five minutes.

    Remembering names around the office can also be counted in minutes, not weeks (or sometimes years!). Even writing reports, books, documentation, can be done in super-quick time using tools such as mind maps.

    I wrote both my bestselling books in ten days! Memory training definitely helps.

    These are only three higher level benefits of memory training. You can also add more benefits such as better leadership, confidence building, faster and more effective learning, stronger relationships, living a happy life.

    So next time you think about memory, think about what improving memory can do for you. You may even have ideas to add to the above list. If you do I encourage you to share with us so that we can further understand how to best help one another and achieve success.


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