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Work More Than 50 Hours A Week? Here’s What You Can Do


    Are you working more than 50 hours?

    Are you feeling accomplished in that time?

    Or, do you feel there is still not enough time in the week?

    Busyness is not a means to accomplishment, but an obstacle to it
    — Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Stanford scholar and author

    According to a Stanford University study, productivity declines after 50 hours a week working.

    After 55 hours, productivity drops so much that working more hours would be pointless says economics professor John Pencavel.

    When I ventured into memory training I realised how the power of the brain can be used to create great efficiency and effectiveness in my work life.

    • I can save time by speed reading important materials with greater understanding.

    • I can memorise and recall peoples names, details, and make them feel more important, without much effort and stress.

    • I can get up on stage any time and deliver presentations without any notes as I can use memory techniques and systems that engage the audience further.

    • I can learn anything I ever wanted in a short amount of time and implement that learning.

    We can all work hard. Not many of us know how to work smart.

    Master your mind and you will master your life.


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