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Who am I?

I’m a 4-time Australian Memory Sports Champion most famously known for memorising two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days. I’ve written two international bestselling books on memory improvement and learning and have worked as a memory expert and coach for over 20 years helping people to better utilise the amazing power of our brain.

I didn’t always have a great memory though. In fact, I used to be a sceptic that didn’t believe that memory could be improved as I thought it was a marketing fad for snake oil salesman to sell their cassettes back then. My mind however was completely blown away and changed once my friend showed me a memory technique, remembering all 20 words I gave him randomly. My excitement led me to further research and learn these skills and eventually master them so that others may benefit and have their minds blown, just like how I did.

Throughout the years, I have been featured in various media outlets, including TV documentaries, radio shows, podcasts, and magazines. Additionally, my work has been acknowledged in popular books such as ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport, the official biography of Tony Buzan (the inventor of Mind Mapping), and ‘Like, Comment, Share, Buy’ by Jonathan Creek. One of my clients even sent me a text with a snippet about me included in his psychology textbook! It’s been quite a journey. I am consistently refining and enhancing my methods, aiming to have a positive impact on the world.

memory training expert and coach Tansel Ali